Sagebrush Dog Club


Article I. Association Name. This association shall be known as the Sagebrush Dog Club, hereinafter also referred to as “the association.”

Article II. Objectives. The objectives of the Association shall be:

A. To do everything possible to bring the natural qualities of purebred dogs to perfection according to UKC® standards.

B. To hold events and trials as approved by UKC®

C. To encourage dog owners and breeders to participate in activities with their dogs.

Article III. Association Profits. The Association shall not be conducted or operated for profit and no part of any profits or remainder or residue from dues or donations to the Association shall benefit any member or individual.

Article IV. Rules for Licensed Events. All licensed events sponsored by the Association will be run in accordance with the rules, policies, and procedures of the United Kennel Club® .

Article V. No individual or group of individuals known to: promote, support, raise dogs for fighting; knowingly sell, give or trade dogs that will be used for fighting; condone or be associated with the facing off, game testing, rolling or pitting; will be tolerated or allowed membership in this association. Such individuals will be banned from all UKC® events and clubs, with no reinstatement at any time.

Article VI. Revisions. The members of the Association shall adopt and may from time to time revise such by-laws as may be required to carry out these objectives.



Code of Ethics

Section 1: Cannon of Ethics. Each member of the Sagebrush Dog Club has an obligation to

protect the interest of his/her breed by conduction him/herself in a manner designed to

reflect credit on him/herself, his/her breed and on the Sagebrush Dog Club.

Each member who contemplates breeding a litter, or who allows the use of his/her stud dog

to the same end, shall direct his/her efforts toward producing dogs of exceptional quality,

temperament and condition. No member shall engage in false or misleading advertising or

misrepresentation of his/her breed; nor shall he/she malign his/her competition by making

false or misleading statements regarding his/her competitor/s dogs, breeding practice or

person. It is considered unethical for any club member to sell dogs to any pet shop or any

wholesale dealer or to knowingly sell to any breeder who sells to pet shop or in any way aid

or abet the sale of any dog through a pet shop or lottery. A reputable breeder will maintain

the best possible standers of health and care of his/her kennels.

Although Sagebrush Dog Club encourages the participation of mixed breed dogs, it does not

condone the deliberate production of said mixed breeds. ALL mixed breed dogs owned by

members of Sagebrush Dog Club must be spayed or neutered before any accidental mating


No member shall be involved in promoting, supporting, or raising dogs for fighting;

knowingly sell, give or trade dogs that will be used for fighting; condone or be associated

with the facing off, game testing, rolling or pitting; will be tolerated or allowed membership

 in Sagebrush Dog club. Such individuals will be banned from all UKC events and clubs with no

 reinstatement at any time.

Section 2: Responsibilities of the Breeder. The breeder shall:

a. Be familiar with his/her breed standard and breed only those specimens that conform to it.

b. Be familiar with UKC rules concerning record keeping, registration, sale and transfer of

dogs, and abide by these rules.

c. Use for breeding only dogs that are healthy and free from serious genetic defects

characteristic of his/her breed or breeds.

d. Produce puppies only when he/she has the time and facilities to provide adequate

attention to physical and emotional development until such time as they are sold.

Section 3: Responsibilities of the Seller. The seller shall:

a. keep accurate records showing dates of immunization, types of vaccines used, dates of

worming, etc.; registration and pedigree records and furnish these records with the sale of

the puppy/dog.

b. Be willing to cover all sales by a written contract, listing registration numbers of both sire

and dam and litter registration of dog if available, conditions of sale, description of quality of

 the dog, health records, full description of dog and at least a three generation pedigree.

c. A dog showing serious deviation from the standard or a congenital/genetic defect,

rendering it unsuitable for breeding, can be sold only to a buyer who is willing to spay or

neuter it, unless the breeder is willing to do so. Registration papers should be withheld until

proof of sterilization is furnished. The sales contract will state reasons for withholding papers.

d. Will provide registration papers with each dog sold unless the reasons for not providing

such papers are clearly stated in each sales contract.

e. Apprise the buyer of growth potential and breed peculiarities to ensure that the placement

 of the dog is mutually satisfactory.

Section 4: Responsibilities of a Stud Owner. The stud owner shall:

a. Not offer at stud a dog showing a serious inherited defect that is characteristic in the

breed, structure or temperament. Likewise, owners of stud dogs shall not accept for breeding

 any bitch, the reproduction of which is likely to do detriment to the breed.

b. Shall not breed a bitch less than one year of age and not before a bitch’s second season.

c. Shall refrain from breeding a bitch owned by a party known to have dealing with pet

shops, wholesale dealers or lotteries.

d. Shall make every effort to apprise the owner of the bitch of the responsibilities involved

in the raising, proper care and placement of puppies resulting from this breeding.

e. Shall NOT breed a bitch owned by a party involved in fighting dogs (facing off, game

testing, rolling, pitting), or known to have dealings with people involved in such.


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